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NOQA-Network is a web based multiuser backbone of embracing obstetric quality assurance (OQA) in the field of maternal child health (MCH) run by the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Health (FMoH). The e-platform resulted from a Rotary project supported by the Rotarian Action Group For Population & Development (RFPD). OQA serves as a blueprint for medical quality assurance (QA) in general and will ultimately help to strengthen the Nigerian Health System. Medical quality assurance covers quality of structure, process and outcome.

OQA includes and extends the World Health Organisation (WHO) original programs for maternal death review (MDR) into maternal and perinatal death surveillance and response (MPDSR). Family planning, supply of contraceptive aids, health of children under 5 years, equipment and hygiene assessments and public awareness through community dialogues complete the networks portfolio.

NOQA-Network is built on the principles of regular documentation of salient medical data through remote mobile devices, automatic death notification, online report generation featuring easy to understand appropriate comparative graphical analyses at communal, hospital, state and national level and finally shared responsibility with user specific privileges and duties. These characteristics lead directly to effective interventions based on solid and objective up to date information.

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